Sharepoint Alternatives

What’s SharePoint This can be one that has many responses and an excellent question. At its most basic definition SharePoint is a net application from Microsoft that enables organizations to work better by allowing users share advice, data and files. There are multiple SharePoint services and products for businesses to choose from, each providing an … [Read more…]

Document Management Process Ppt

The document management procedure is a system in which files are organized and kept for future reference. This procedure can be rudimentary, for example when someone puts receipts in a shoe-box with little or no organization. The procedure may also tremendously innovative, such as when a company has devised a complicated set of scanners house, … [Read more…]

Engineering Document Management Best Practices

Document Control is probably one of the most popular applications when people are looking for a Quality Management or Environmental Wellness and Safety system. Corrective Action, Audits and Non conformance’s are critically important procedures, but unless you have controlled these procedures, you don’t have the same degree of governing you would if you’d Document Control. … [Read more…]

Cool Trick to Manage Too Many Open Tabs

Having too many tabs open can eat up all the memory on your computer and make it run like a sick dog. Especially true with Google Chrome. If you are finding your machine is performing poorly from too many tabs syndrome, make sure to check out this video for a cool solution that should fix … [Read more…]

Document Management Software Ubuntu

Many discussions of the crucial success elements for record capture, imaging and direction focus on a business’s skill to assess record management needs, collect and examine systems of measurement, and handle the related changes to the ways workers do their occupations. Yet confirming effective document and records management capacities goes beyond adopting new procedures and … [Read more…]

How to Optimize your Business

Everything you do in your business is a process. From customer service to sales and marketing. Being successful in business is all about optimizing these processes as much as possible. Optimization is such an important area of business, but this critical area is often overlooked by business owners and CEOs amidst cries of “I’m too … [Read more…]

Apply to AppCampus

AppCampus, a unique pre-seed funding program that was announced on March 26th and created by Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University, today opens its gates for grant applications. The program is open for both teams and individuals from any field of expertise. AppCampus is a global program from the very start: it will fund projects based … [Read more…]

Document Workflow Management

Every accounting company is unique. Irrespective of whether a company selects to perform with its incumbent applications or assuming that it has assembled a greatest-of-breed surroundings, utilizing an overlay of additional goods, services, and systems to manage work isn’t any longer the exception, it’s the standard. How nicely these products function together is termed “inter-operability.” … [Read more…]

Digital Document Management

File direction is among the oldest of the content management subjects – and was basically born out of the need to handle ever growing levels of information being created within organisations. In a world where only hard-copy advice existed – there was constantly a physical limitation to the total amount of advice which can be … [Read more…]