Document Workflow Management

Every accounting company is unique. Irrespective of whether a company selects to perform with its incumbent applications or assuming that it has assembled a greatest-of-breed surroundings, utilizing an overlay of additional goods, services, and systems to manage work isn’t any longer the exception, it’s the standard. How nicely these products function together is termed “inter-operability.”

The degree to which best-of-breed products function impacts workflow and efficiency.

The motion away from functioning with just one horizontal product has been discussed through the industry. Doug Sleeter speaks about mastering chunkification and the movement of firms away from having just one horizontal product company-broad. Sleeter also discusses how industry advisers should have command over how these methods connect to one another, and how today’s firms are adding applications based on selecting the best alternative for process and function.

Mike Sabbatis, a thirty-year accounting technology expert and Doctor.It board member, directs a 2013 white paper round table talk and covers the topic of interoperability. Gail Perry, CPA, mentions powerful document administration systems being the adhesive that binds all other software systems jointly, and Darren Root, CPA, CITP, CGMA, states how crucial interoperability is when firms use greatest-of-breed options.

This motion toward greatest-of-breed options is fueled by comptrollers’ desires to leverage the most effective set of strong options for their unique surroundings. Interoperability in its best is about providing deep functionality and process integration across all products, solutions, and systems.

Pay consideration to how most useful-of-breed options function to ensure that you’re making the most effective decisions for the business.

Document Management Workflow

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