1. Stepan

    “What is the number one piece of unconventional advice you would give to someone related to Business, Web or Personal Development”

    The most profound advice that I could give to someone in Business, Web or Self-development is to set completely mind blowing, out of this world goals.

    Don’t let popular belief push you into a mediocre life, pursue your wildest dreams. Not only does it give you much more motivation to succeed, but because no one has the guts to aim for them, there is no competition.


  2. Partner with others who reach your best prospects. By partnering, I was able to expand the reach of my launch campaign for my latest book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson) far beyond the 10,000 on my own lists, or even the 25,000 in my own lists plus social media. Based on 1,070,000 exact-match Google hits for “guerrilla marketing goes green” three weeks after publication, I estimate that at least 5 million people heard about the launch.

  3. Don’t believe half of what you read or hear. Many people are just in business to separate you from your money. Find your own voice. Look inside to see what resonates with you, and follow that path. Don’t allow yourself to be affected by “conventional wisdom” because that is the path to mediocrity.

    The most successful people have taken their own path, often when it was extremely unpopular, but their stubborn dedication to their own ideals eventually won out.

    Be one of them, be that stubborn person dedicated to your ideals, wants and desires, not those of your friends or acquaintances.

    • “I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett

    • @RickFrazier – As I provide training to my students every day I like to conclude my videos, phone calls and emails with the words “Google TFYQA and have a great day.”

      Think For Yourself, Question Authority = TFYQA
      I learned this many years ago right after graduating college and I live buy it.

      I don’t believe anything unless it can be verified, or unless I can see it with my own eyes. Some say I’m a skeptic, but I prefer to think of it as being an engineer that likes to have his facts correct.

  4. Kevin

    “Ask for forgiveness, not permission” – Tim Ferriss

    One of the biggest barriers to getting anything productive done (from my own perspective) went against the views of 99% of my friends. Once I stopped tip-toeing around their agenda and blazing my own trail, my quality of life and productivity increased dramatically, and I RARELY had to “ask for forgiveness”. Instead, I used the element of surprise by showing what is possible with hard work and determination people thought I otherwise lacked, or were incapable of accomplishing. Do not be part of the majority who simply talk but do not “do”.

  5. Hi all,

    I’ve been reading up on Internet Marketing left right & center. There is soooo much to read (left, right & center). It’s overwhelming!
    From this I’ve distilled the following:

    Stick to a max of 3 sources you trust (e.g. this website/Vinay) (how do you know when to trust a site/someone? for me, when you see the same piece of advice come back from different directions/sources).

    Give yourself a maximum amount of time to try to “understand” what you need/want to do. Then: START. IM is like swimming: you can talk for hours about swimming, but you need to get into the pool to actually get wet!


  6. daniel

    “What is the number one piece of unconventional advice you would give to someone related to Business, Web or Personal Development”

    My advice is “Be bold and mighty forces shall follow”.

    That is when you are courageous enough (bold) to take action to achieve a goal, an unexplainable force (mighty forces) will push you through (shall follow) to help you persevere, in the face of doubt and uncertainty, and cause you to achieve your goal.

    Now your goal has to be chrystle clear to you and it must have an emotional attachment to you. That is you gotta want it so bad that you get butterfly feelings in your gut when you think of achieving it and the journey you have to go through to achieving it.

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