1. If only l had heard this before l went down the same path and went with outsourcing my site to a company in India. Wow l could of said it word for word, they were good at promising the world and handing me an atlas. Finally we managed get the site finished after sacking them. A reverse auction site was not something we could purchase off the shelve, so if you are planning to build your own site l would definiately recommend using open source existing software and adapting it for your needs. Please feel free to check out our site and send me any feed back, http://www.123yabe.com.au

    • Hey Craig,

      Yes, it seems to be a similar story for many… Glad to hear your site worked out in the end. Looks like a great project you got going there!

  2. leah

    Hi Vinay and Padma – thanks for the interview! Very helpful. I’d like to learn how Padma created her product, found a manufacturer, and how it ships. Can you share more about the product?


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