What’s the top procedure management app?

Quora is actually a great place to obtain facts. Questions are answered by some of one of the most intelligent people today in their particular areas of expertise plus the community-based voting platform assures the very best answers rise to the top and get probably the most focus, when the answers not worth reading are … [Read more…]

Tools for SEO and Net Designers

  No matter whether you happen to be a beginner or an expert net designer, you will discover tools you haven't had the opportunity to attempt yet or don't know exist. This extensive post shows you a broad toolbox of webpages, apps, professional services, plugins, and many far more valuable tools. See how you can … [Read more…]

The Power of the Done List

This is a cool post from the iDoneThis blog where they talk about how todo lists just don’t work for some people. You can take a look at the post here:  The Power of the Done List It is about a 5 min read. Enjoy!

Duc Tape Marketing’s 3 Favourite Tools for the Week

Here are a few cool tool’s from Duct Tape Marketing’s Blog 3 Tools for the Week of Nov In the post he mentions 3 tools:  Doodle – Super, simple scheduling tool that works well for groups Marketing Podcasts – Great directory of marketing related podcasts ranked and reviewed Process Street – Great tool for documenting … [Read more…]

Hiring VAs for Startups

Check out this article on Entrepreneur about hiring a VA for your startup or small business. They give Process Street a shoutout  🙂  How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Startup Explainer Video

If you are looking to make a startup explainer video, make sure to check out this guest post I did on the Startup Chile blog: How to Make a Startup Explainer Video It’s a detailed post covering what we did to make our startup explainer video for Process Street on Knowledge Management for Small Business. … [Read more…]

SOP Improvements

A CRO process is vital for the success of any thriving business Making sure you have the correct standard operating procedure software in place is going to be the difference. Below is a graphic from quanticate showing you how to design standard operating procedures.  

Best Business Process Modeling Software

Business Process Modelling (BPM) is methodology and a modern term which has evolved through different periods and names, beginning during the ‘division of labour’ of the late 1700s, when production first moved into factories. More explanation is in the historical growth below. Broadly the term ‘business’ in Business Process Model/Modelling/modeling is interchangeable with ‘organisation’. Business … [Read more…]