Document Management System

The Document administration system is focused principally in the storage and retrieval of self-contained electronic data resources in the document form. Generally, The DMS is designed to assist the organizations to deal with the development and flow of documents through the supply of a centralized repository. The work flow of the DMS encapsulates meta-data and business rules.

A document administration system is a pc system (or set of computer software) used to track and save electronic files and/or pictures of paper documents. The expression has some overlap with the concepts of CMS. It is viewed as a part of business content management (ECM) methods and associated to digital assetmanagement ,document-imaging, workflow systems and records administration systems.

There are many different levels of document management applications available on the market – but “the finest” document administration systems could have at least the following characteristics:

– dedicated to handling documents, although they may be frequently capable of handling other “electronic information” such as pictures, movie files etc.

– Each unit of information (document) is self-contained

– There are few (if any) hyperlinks between files (they might be related by “group” the items using a classification scheme or taxonomy)

– Concentrated principally on storage and archiving and document life-cycle administration including document expiry

– Comprises powerful workflow for incorporating business processes to the managing of the documents.

– Targeted at saving and presenting documents within their native format (perhaps not restricted to MS-Office products but including a variety of information types)

– File access might be confined in a folder or document degree – and other protection models may be implemented

– Restricted power to make web pages (fit for intranets but not webs) generally creates one page for each document.

Best DMS

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