Document Management Software

What is Document Management (DMS)?

Online document management, frequently referred to as Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to save, manage and track electronic files and digital images of paper-based information captured by using a document scanner. The word record is defined as “recorded advice or an item which is often treated as a component”. DM techniques allow files to be altered and handled but usually lack the records-retention and disposition functionality for managing records.

Crucial DM characteristics are:

– Check-In / Check Out and Locking
– Model Control
– Roll back- Audit Trail
– Annotation and Stamps
– Summarization

Document administration systems now range in size and scope from little, standalone systems to large-scale business-wide settings serving a global audience. Many document administration systems supply a means to incorporate standard physical record filing methods electronically. These generally include:

– Storage place
– Security and access control
– Model control
– Audit trails- check in/check-out and record lock in down

Document Management

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