Construction Document Management Software

Owners manual is vital in a construction project since it supplies a “memory” of the endeavor. Operating manual is the framework where a claim is built; without it, there isn’t any contemporaneous evidence to establish a claim and, therefore, little possibility of a reasonable outcome.

Project records maintained on a contemporaneous foundation give a long-term record which allows the in-depth reconstruction, review, and evaluation of occasions and activities of the endeavor.

Such destruction “eliminates” the memory of endeavor occasions.

The most likely reason for ruining such project records in the middle of litigation and claims would be to remove incriminating evidence. The owner is therefore prevented from a neutral dispute process and also the owner’s skill to organize an in-depth, recorded instance is undermined by a contractor’s destruction of evidence and the trier of fact is prevented from making an educated and fair decision.

It is crucial, industry practice, and normal internal corporate policy for construction businesses to maintain a job documentation system. As well as being a contract requirement in most big construction projects today, methodical and organized documentation throughout a task supplies the only contemporaneous “memory” of what really happened on the endeavor.

Owners manual is the basis on which all propositions, differences of opinion, or promises are constructed. Without instruction manual, there is essentially no contemporaneous evidence and, consequently, it is difficult to present a persuasive claim. Instruction manual is essential to resolving differences of opinion in two ways.

construction document management software

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